The One with No Life

Behold, my life. I am one busy teacher lady. Who has really bad luck when it comes to working internet working enough to upload a picture. Internet at my apartment stinks and then internet at school for some reason no longer allows photo uploads to blogger sites. Woop woop. Kinda stinks as I use this as a major learning tool for my Spanish students, but whatevs. We make it work. Nonetheless, life is good. Life is busy. I’m in the middle of ESL testing (only two more days, hallelujah) and just overall teacherness. New semester means getting used to new kids and them getting used to me which has proved to be a bit on the annoying side, as I don’t find their jokes and overall comments to be as endearing as my students last semester… but hopefully this week holds good things. I’m pretty sure already that today will hold a milkshake, and that’s always a good thing.

Happy Valentine’s day to all, and to all a good Monday.

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