The One with a Whole Month

Today I celebrated a whole month (and some days) since I started going to the gym. Silly, maybe… but this is a big deal for me. I’ve never been an exerciser. I’m pretty sure it is because as a kid my parents forced me to do some sort of physical activity (in attempt to make me healthy, I get it, I get it) so I never really believed exercise was fun. Until December when I randomly woke up 30 minutes early one day and thought, “I’ll go for a walk.” And  I did. And I had a great day. Before I knew it I was going to the gym at my apartment complex three or four times a week and then I decided to join a gym a few minutes down the road (because everyone else in my apartment complex decided to go to the gym too) and I absolutely love it. This time of year when work is stressful, students are loco and laundry is piled up (when is it not?!) it’s nice to take an hour to myself to just work it out. So, in celebration of that (and payday) I went on the hunt for some skinny jeans (I’m about 3 years behind on stylish things, I think) and upon finding two pairs of those, a dress and a sweater for $30, I decided that I needed some boots to go with them which I found on sale at Target for $13. My reasoning was to use a $60 reimbursement check I had received from a conference I went to in October… so I also found a sweet pair of red flats with flowers on them for, wait for it– $4.98. Now this is what I’m talking about, guilt-free, bargain hunting. Yay.

To continue my celebration I made delicious banana bread courtesy of Joy the Baker. I added some chocolate chunks and white chocolate chips…. counter productive for a gym celebration? Probably. Delicious? definitely.

And part of this impromptu celebration was also because everyone I know was busy this weekend and I finished all of my school work before I left on Friday. So I was left alone…with my kitchen and debit card. Dangerous. Also, February is coming up soon! Maybe I’ll actually do a photo a day this year…

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