The One with the Man Cave

Friday after work I drove to Charlotte to help my sister with the man cave overhaul in her new house. They are doing each room in their house and just finished her “lady cave” (aka sewing room) and it is beautiful! You can see pictures of it here, on her blog. She got her father in law to have Dan come home to Durham for the weekend, and she got her mother in law, sister in law, Jamie, and I to come down for the weekend to help paint the room, under the story of “wedding stuff” since Jamie is getting married in October. A likely story. 🙂 In all honesty, we discussed “wedding stuff” a lot that weekend! Here are some pictures of the process… I wasn’t able to see it finished as I left early Sunday morning to make to Hillsborough to see Marshall preach (you might be able to listen to it online here…eventually) but my sister texted me some pictures once they got some of the furniture back in. It is awesome, she did two walls a light grey and two walls orange. I hope to have an orange room some day.

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