The One with the Puppy Plan

I love Friends. There was one time I was at a craft store and saw some toy dinosaurs and I actually thought, “I should buy this for Ross!” Oops. Hi, reality, not really people I know. That was a few years ago, so don’t worry I don’t live in that weird mental place anymore. However, I still firmly believe that Friends is the most brilliant show to ever be on TV and I absolutely love watching the DVDs..usually seasons at a time. None the less, my blog theme for the year is to do each entry in the same way they title the Friends episodes. Weird? Probably. Really fun for me? Yep!

So in “The One with the Jam” Monica makes a plan. She has a jam plan to get over her man. Then, she decides to have a baby plan, where she gets a sperm donor and has a baby. My plan is a little less intense, and pretty far into the future… but I want to get a puppy. Enter, the puppy plan. I am currently saving money to hopefully adopt a puppy come June… this will be awesome because I won’t be working all day (I’ll probably have a part time gig…which I should probably start looking for) so I can stay at home with it most of the day to house train, play with, cuddle with, etc. it. Yay. And life depending, I’ll probably/maybe be moving (lease runs out in August) and can look for a place with better dog accommodations, but even if I stay here, this place has a huge fenced in area for doggies to run around and they have Pooper Scooper stations EVERYWHERE. And it’s name will be, Chandler.

I’ve been researching the different breeds…and all slobber and dog hair aside, I just can’t seem to stop swooning over these sweetpeas, boxer/lab mixes. Boxador, if you will. So. Freaking. Adorable. I. Could. Just. Cry. Just picture me…with little baby Chandler. The Chan-Chan man. Mrs. Chanandler Bong.

Okay, maybe this will help you picture it….

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