The One with the Saw in the Living Room

What started as a simple paint job and hardware replacement quickly turned into something bigger and better, which found me in my living room with my dad and his power tools. I learned how to use a saw. It was awesome. When in the midst of my repairs, I realized that the bottom two drawers were not in repairable shape…even after drastic attempts with wood glue, duct tape and hand weights, I had the idea to get rid of the drawers and make a shelf instead… which, is what I need a nightstand for anyways, to hold magazines and books.  My sweet roommate Emily was kind enough to lend her furniture making skills (High Point, woop woop!) and helped me get rid of the drawer tracks and then I was committed. 


I am in love with this color wheel knob from Anthropologie. I saw it online and then found it within seconds of going in the store at Southpoint. My first purchase at that store, and definitely will be hard to top. 
I found this cute bird cage fabric at JoAnn Fabric in Cary. I was in line to get some teal baroque fabric cut and it caught my eye. I was undecided and had to send Marshall pictures to get a second opinion. He picks well.

A huge shout out to Samantha, who came by to visit me and helped me figure out how to cover the shelf insert. Geometry is not my strong point, that’s for sure. So thankful for that girl! 
I absolutely love the way it turned out. It was so nice to start and finish a project in a matter of days… at work I never feel like I finish anything, from grading to paperwork… it never ends. This and working on knitting has been just the thing my soul needed. I kind of want to move again so I have an excuse to overhaul something else. I realized all the furniture in my bedroom has been reupholstered, painted or decoupaged. I might have a problem. 

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