The One with the New Year

2010 has officially gone. What a year. So many big question marks turned into exclamation points, and now it is 2011. Student taught (rocked that), graduated (cried at that), got a job (love that) and now I’m just a tax paying, commuting, money saving, dinner cooking adult with a day job and a colorful apartment.

Looking back, I cannot believe how different life was a year ago, and I can’t even imagine what next year at this time will look like. First of all, I’ll be 24 and into my second year of teaching. That’s crazy to think about. So I’ve never been into New Year’s Resolutions so last year I blogged about all these things that I will do in 2010. Let’s take a look….

I will brush my teeth every day. CHECK
I will try not to rearrange my furniture every month. Definitely not every month… but I just did a major overhaul in my bedroom and classroom
I will get a job that will allow me to be financial independent…ish. CHECK CHECK CHECK
I will try to take this whole photography thing as seriously as I possibly can…but not seriously enough to pay tax on it. CHECK. Biz is good, but I might actually have to look into the whole seriously making myself a business soon…
I will take pictures at two (two! two! two!) weddings. (One in April and one in December!) Just one this year, and in November. Way fun. 
I will be a better steward of my things (ie; Friends dvds, camera accessories, clothes, etc.) Sure…
I will stop putting all my clothes in the dryer (this kind of goes along with being a better steward). I use my drying rack! 
I will be grumpy at least 25% less than I was in 2009. (By 2012, I hope to eliminate grumpy altogether). Success…I think. Maybe ask my first period…
I will (hopefully) return to Costa Rica as part of the coolest job ever. Didn’t happen, but currently saving money for my “quarter life crisis”. 
I will add a few more veggies to my repertoire of “liked food” (I’m already working on carrots. Got a bag of babies today). I handle most veggies like a champ. 
I will graduate (with honors…maybe). Graduated… thank you lordy! 
I will survive student teaching! Check! 
I will start paying back student loans in November (worst 23rd birthday present ever, already). Check! And as awful as I anticipated. 
I will turn 23, oh my gosh. (THAT IS ALMOST 25!) Check! 
I will not impulse buy things at Target. Or Old Navy. Or Trader Joe’s. (starting tomorrow…) I just impulse bought some stuff at the teacher store. 
I will learn how to wear make-up like a grown-up. Check… days I don’t oversleep. 
I will be a more fun roommate, and take out the recycling more often. Not sure…
I will also load, and unload the dishwasher more. Probably not…
I will take that bag of stuff to Goodwill which has taken a temporary residence in my trunk. I hope I did that.
I will purchase a 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 standard zoom lens for my little rebel. Preferably before wedding number 2. Done! Except it was a birthday gift and prior to wedding 1. 
I will try to make Marshall laugh as much as he makes me laugh. I don’t know, he makes me laugh a lot. 
I will put laundry away promptly after I take it out of the dryer. No, really. HAHA. Nope. 
I will blog my thirty-two by thirty-two list. Done! Update coming soon. 
I will blog a lot. Yep.

So, in 2011….
I will get better at my job. 
I will take time to take care of myself. 
I will probably buy a bigger camera.
I will improve my knitting skills.
I will read at least two books for fun.
I will make big steps towards starting on my Master’s. 
I would like to get a dog.
I would like to get a new mattress.
I will cook dinner for myself.
I will learn how to use the Crock-Pot I used my $25 Target gift card to buy.
I will enjoy the heck out of summer vacation and live off my savings.
I will hopefully not get any gray hairs. 
I will get my sewing machine fixed and make something. 
I will be less selfish.
I will not cut my hair short, even though I will try to convince myself it will be cute. 
I will keep my car clean and not spill anymore drinks in the seats. 

Oh happy new year. God’s got good stuff in store. 

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