In Russia in 1984….

I definitely would have had the coolest ear warmer. Behold, my first knitting project. Although it started out as a scarf, I kind of consider the fact that it is together, has minimal holes, and I learned how to knit a flower today, a huge success. Do not worry, I will probably not wear this in public (however, I will probably wear it to bed tonight, my ears are so happy) and I will work on my skills to knit something public worthy in the future. Probably a scarf. Enjoy.

In attempt to get a picture of a flower with my 50mm (tricky for self portraits) I got this extremely dramatic shot of my eyeballs. Fancy. These are my “I can knit” eyes. Pride. 

Oh, does school really have to start back? Do I really have to be an adult next week? Crafting and being silly late into the night is so much more fun…

2 thoughts on “In Russia in 1984….

  1. hooray! welcome to the knitting world. Let me know if you need any help picking out wonderful yarn without any specific project in mind before finishing a project that you started weeks ago. I'm pretty good at that :]

  2. I knit a lot and I wouldn't know how to do a flower: you're just a pro is what I am getting at. If you really want to get fired up about knitting, for example, during your spring break, you should check – Free sign up, ask for an invite and they will give you one. Then, the possibilities of crazy knitting (or crochet-ing) are endless.

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