It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….

Okay, it WAS beginning to look a lot like Christmas several weeks ago in my apartment, but I finally finished my Christmas craft for this year, like ten minutes ago. A wreath. Simple, and oh how I will enjoy it for the next three days (one really, as I’ll be leaving my apartment Christmas eve for family festivities). Oh the things you can do with fabric, no sewing skills and an opposable thumb. I like it. And I lost most of my day off Monday at Joann Fabric just looking. What a pretty place that is.

I also recently inherited this awesome ceramic Christmas tree from my great grandmother Gracie that was given to my grandmother Lynette. I totally remember this (and it’s green counterpart that is at my sister’s house) from my Gracie’s house when I was little girl. How cool to have it right by my bed now. The only challenge is finding bulbs that fit and/or glue that is not combustible. If you know where I can find either, please let me know!

I love it so much. I just put it up last week, but next year, this thing is going up the day after Thanksgiving. I am so sad to think that in just a few days all the pretty Christmas decorations will go away. Now that I have experienced a holiday season in “grown up land” (ha) I now realize that in order to have everything done before Christmas (and in time to actually enjoy it) you pretty much need to start November 1st…even with having two weeks off for the holidays (which I am very thankful for! because those kids were driving me crazy!) there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to get everything done. Anywho, happy holidays!

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