Pre-New Year’s Resolution

So, I’m not really into New Year’s resolutions. I might set some goals here or there, but as far as saying, “I’m going to lose “x” amount of weight” or anything like that, that’s not really my style. However, I have come across something that needs to be addressed, and well, fixed, in my life.

I need to simplify. Everything.

The things I own. The way I teach. The amount of stuff in my classroom stacked on surfaces. The amount of papers in my “to deal with” basket on my desk. My clothes. Just everything. I need to simplify it. Get rid of stuff. Throw things away. Organize things (read: Ikea trip to buy classroom organizational supplies!). I just realized this past week as I sat trying to plan out what I’m going to teach, that I focus so much energy on trying to make my lessons interesting, unexpected, and well, informative, that sometimes I overlook the simple things. And make life way harder and more complicated than it should be. I think I do that in a lot of areas of my life. So for the next 23 days + 2011 I am going to be more simple.

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