Lifey Life

It was Halloween, my birthday, Thanksgiving, and all of a sudden there are 8.5 school days left before Christmas break. My goodness gracious. Craziness. Not much to report here except for insane busy life, it is really cold outside and the sun sets really early. Being a teacher is interesting. My students are hilarious every day, they find ways to surprise me all the time… sometimes in great ways, other times in really annoying ways, but I love this job. The interesting thing is just how demanding it is. I had no idea. Student teaching really does not prepare you for how many hats you will wear and things you will juggle. I feel like this. All the time. 
It’s fun. I’m a problem solver at heart so I love a little chaos to work through, but with the coldness (and undeniable draft in my classroom) all I want to do is curl up with a mug of hot chocolate and a season of Friends. 8.5 school days and I have a 2 week date with my jammie pants and snuggie. 
One of the perks (and most terrifying thing ever) about teaching is being a club advisor, and subsequently sponsoring, planning and chaperoning (am I really old enough for that?) field trips. I am a huge, huge, huge fan and advocate of service learning, so as one of the advisors of Spanish club I planned our first field trip, which was also a service project to Raleigh (big city!) to assist with Help Portrait 2010. I volunteered last year in Wake Forest and loved it, but was looking for a closer location and somewhere I could bring students. It was a hit. The kids loved it. Most of my Spanish club babies are native speakers of Spanish so we were able to translate for most of the families that came to the event. They had such a great time that they didn’t want to leave. They wanted to stay longer at the event than go eat Mexican food at La Cocina. So we stayed a bit longer and ventured back in the snow to Dunn and ate a quick meal at Bojangles. I swear, you learn the most valuable life skills by volunteering. Next semester I am going to pursue this hard for my classes for some local “service learning” opportunities. Here’s some photos from the day. I was taking too many pictures so my students jacked my camera for some “candids” of me. Twas pretty hilarious. Funny kids. 

3 thoughts on “Lifey Life

  1. love this idea!! And yes, we can run fieldtrips. My AP just told me the other day that I was allowed to drive the activity bus, BY MYSELF!!! No extra stuff needed (like special licenses? extra help?). I think I had to physically shut my mouth with my hand.
    sidenote: I had to rewrite this comment 3 times bc i misspelled so many words! Is it break yet?

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