Serious Business

Yesterday I spent some time reading through my old blog posts. All the way back to last year at this time, all the way back to when I was getting ready to go to Costa Rica, all the way back when I lived at MC for a few weeks before I went abroad for a semester, all the way back to when I started this gem my freshman year of college. I had so much fun reading about my old self. It was so neat to remember those thoughts and feelings and compare to what life is like now.

When I was little, I used to pretend that I was 84 years old, telling the story of my life to my grandkids. I realize, that is a little weird, but sometimes I think I just wanted to know that I would live to be 84 and my life would be worth talking about. So hopefully when I’m 84, I’ll still be able to see so I can read this blog to remind me… because these days I can’t remember anything. A fair deal of my Thanksgiving conversation with Marshall was trying to figure out what I did last year for the big Turkey Day. We agreed that, at this point in time, it really doesn’t matter, but it was so frustrating to me that I did not remember. So, all the more reason for me to write things down.

Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, so this blog. This here, blog. It’s been through a lot. Two trips abroad, a mission trip in Mexico. Graduation from the absolute most wonderful place on earth. New friends, old friends, pictures, about 5 different cameras. I realized, in reading my posts since graduation that this blog has turned very serious all of a sudden, and if there is anything that describes me… well, it is not the word serious. My world has definitely changed since May, most days I’m earlobe deep in paperwork, planning, or going to a meeting where I have to contribute (usually) and not make jokes. Can I just say, that teacher meetings are NOT the same as 2010 class meetings? There is far less laughter, far more paperwork and well, probably about the same amount of tension (joke!). So I’ve challenged myself to be a little bit less serious about this blog thing. I spend so much of my week trying to convince people to take me seriously (which is probably hard when I wear a turkey hat to school the day before Thanksgiving or a tutu on my birthday, I know) so that I can either 1) teach them stuff or 2) make them trust me enough TO teach the future of America, that I just need a break sometimes where I can feel guilt-free about being my silly self.

So, here’s to being less serious in 2011!
And hopefully having fewer migraines, less neck pain, better sleep and time to exercise. But that’s another blog post. Here are some random pictures of what I’ve been up to over Thanksgiving break (which I mistakingly keep calling it, it is really just a four day weekend, but shhhhhhhhh. I like the sound of Thanksgiving break better.) I haven’t been awake very much in the past two days, but when I have it’s been real. We decorated for Christmas, I’ve been updating my class iPods so we can use iBooks (it’s about to get real in Srta. D’s class), and I finally used my cupcake & ice cream cone cookie cutters my sister got me. I used the leftover dough to make Marshall a cookie. See if you can find it. Happy Thanksgiving!

One thought on “Serious Business

  1. but i've done the same thing several times – read back over old entries (of course, we didn't have blogs when i was your age…geez i sound old). it's crazy to revisit those memories, especially when you remember EXACTLY how you were feeling at that time.

    also, i ran into kiran at starbucks this past tuesday, and she said that, at that particular moment, i reminded her of you. i count that as one of the best compliments i've EVER received!

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