my busy life + a teaser

I am so busy.

I remember in high school being “busy” and in college being “busy”, but this adulthood version of “busy” is definitely the real deal. I feel like I work all the time. When I’m not working, I’m frantically trying to maintain some friendships (highschoolers, love ya mean it, but I really do enjoy a good serious adult conversation from time to time), see family or do laundry. Sidenote: Out of all the potential housekeeping tasks there are to do in life, I hate folding laundry the most. I would rather have a combination gynocologist/dentist/orthodontist dentist appointment most days than fold laundry. And when I’m not hating folding laundry or doing any of the aforementioned tasks I am trying to calm my mind long enough to get some sleep.

I continue to love my job on a daily basis, some days more than others, but lately I have been so thankful to “slack” on my teacher duties a bit (by the way, “slack” means not staying up late on Friday and Saturday nights planning and grading)  and spend time doing things I enjoy. I love taking pictures so much. It’s so calming when the rest of my days are so… 900 miles per hour. Here’s a few of what I’ve been up to. I currently am finishing up Troy and Emily’s wedding, and two sweet, sweet engagement sessions. Here’s a random few. So sweet.

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