The past few weeks have been busy, busy. School commitments, photo gigs on the weekends, family and an attempt at a “vacation” have brought me to Boone two weekends ago, Emerald Isle last weekend, Charlotte yesterday, and then because of a bit of a scare with my grandfather, the Charlotte visit was cut short and  I am currently sitting in the waiting room at the hospital in Wilmington. I am extremely thankful for my new (to me) dependable set of wheels, but I must say I am tired of being in the driver’s seat. Thankfully, I didn’t do the driving to Boone or Emerald Isle, but my little 40 mile commute to and from work everyday kind of makes me feel like I drive to Boone or Emerald Isle every day. It’s funny how sitting down can make you sleepy.

The last Friday in October was an “optional” teacher workday for my county. I learned during training that “optional” actually means “which type of day do you want to use to not go to work? sick, personal, or vacation?” As a beginning teacher my only type of “day” is sick, so “sick” I was. M and I drove to Boone to enjoy the beautiful fall colors and to see the parkway and Grandfather mountain. I’ve been asking him to go to the mountains for like four years now, so it was nice to finally go 🙂 He loaded up his iPad with some of my favorite movies (and Die Hard… which is now a favorite! I had no idea Bruce Willis had it in him!) and off we were. We were there less than 24 hours, but it was a much needed and much enjoyed break.

it was a little windy in the mountains….

then Marshall fell off the mountain. Don’t worry, I saved him. 

Senior Portrait time. This kid graduates in December, by the way!
We were a little late for the fall colors at Grandfather mountain, but still beautiful!

It was Halloween weekend so we saw random people dressed up the whole time. This guy worked at the Grandfather Mountain park and gave the cougars catnip. 
Looks like Napoleon Dynamite dressed up like a gladiator, to me. 

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