Twas the night before…

Friday. October. My first foreign language conference. Lots of things.

So, I’ve said it before…and I’ll say it again. I love my job.  However, people were not kidding about being a first year teacher… I work all the time. When I feel caught up, about 5 seconds pass and then I realize I’m behind on something else. I’m looking forward to year number two. Heck, even semester number 2. Nonetheless, loving it.

Lots of fun things are going down in the near future. For one, October is fun..and kinda scary because we’re approaching the halfway mark for the semester (AM I TEACHING THEM ENOUGH?) at school and that is way intense. I can’t believe it’s already been that long! This weekend for one, is the FLANC Conference (Foreign Language Association of NC) which is super exciting. As a first year teacher I got a pretty sweet discount on the cost of registration AND I applied to be reimbursed from the county and it was approved. Yay. After that, my cousin is getting married the following weekend which will be fun. I haven’t been to a wedding in a long time nor seen that side of the family so it promises to be interesting, and most likely fun. The FOLLOWING weekend is the Sara Barielles concert in Chapel Hill which will undoubtedly be wonderful and amazing. The weekend following that is my little sis class’ Ring Dinner! Which is insane, and so exciting for them. They’re going to be for real on their way to graduating! I am so old! The weekend after that, Halloween, and then the week after that my 23rd birthday and Cornhuskin’ which means a giant friend reunion, and then the day after I’ll be heading to the beach to take pictures at my very first wedding. And then, it’ll be thanksgiving. Then 2011. And so on and so forth.

I love this time of year. Minus the monsoon. Except, we had a two hour delay today. Which means, I got to make a quiz, and blog. Everything is so busy, and so fun, and so great. Next week is spirit week at school, including the powderpuff football game +  homecoming game. Go raiders!

Also, I photographed my sweet, sweet friend Kiran a few weeks ago. She is so pretty. Love this girl.

Love you Kiki! 

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