Things That Make Me Happy Today

+ My watch. I bought one just like it when I started student teaching since I didn’t own a watch and needed to keep track of time. Right before I graduated it broke, and I was devastated. It reminds me of Mad Hatter, and it’s professional looking from afar, but then up close you see how awesome and cool it is. Me gusta. One of my students complimented it while I was student teaching and I was like, “Thanks. I love how it’s kinda crazy and colorful.” And she said, “I think it is very fitting for your personality, Ms. D.” I tend to agree. Professional from afar… yet, crazy and colorful.

+ How my Spanish 1 kids love Bruce the Bamboo. Today they asked if he was sick because it has been a long time since he talked. I may or may not have personified Bruce a lot last week. They’re so cool, they talk right back. En Español. I love that class. 22 is the perfect number of students. Big enough it’s not awkward, small enough that interactive group activities are possible.

+ Several of my Spanish 1 students expressed they were having some difficulty still with telling time en Español, so today we did a little review and I made a digital clock template for the whiteboards (read: sheet protectors + white cardstock + dry erase markers + any insert on top you can imagine = kinesthetic learning and fun) and we practiced some more. I’ve been up to my earlobes in paperwork and meetings and have been trying to schedule some tutoring times and at the beginning of class we settled on Tuesday afternoon to review time and numbers and things. After today’s class my student was like, “Um, I don’t need to stay after tomorrow… what you did today totally made me get it.” I wanted to cry and hug her. Mostly, because I’m struggling big time with Spanish 2 (which is, ironically, what I taught before!) so it was so nice to hear I got through to a student. Yahoo. One down. A lot to go.

+ My ESL girls on the brink of exiting the program (which is a good thing! Yay English proficiency) saying they don’t want to exit because they like ESL too much. I chose to take that personally. It made me happy. Mostly because most days I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing.

+ Starbucks VIA. We’re out of creamer, so basically nothing in coffee land is good to me without CoffeeMate Vanilla creamer. Except Starbucks VIA with milk & sugar. Thank you , sister!

+The new Sara Bareilles CD. Seriously, so great.

+My sheets are soft.

+I’ve got two weddings on the calendar for next summer, one in NOVEMBER (!), and an upcoming engagement session, on top of a few senior shoots on the iCal. SO THANKFUL.

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