my sweet, sweet clase

I love my classroom. I feel like I may love it more than the typical “core subject” teacher might. In my methods class, we had a very long discussion one day about how Spanish teachers weren’t really valued and *most* of them shared a classroom or had a cart that they pushed around, class to class. We then laughed about how it was so funny to go to school for four years just to become a bag lady with a cart. Nonetheless, I love my classroom and I feel VERY valued at my school. So clearly that conversation in methods, was well, false. Nonetheless, here’s a glimpse of what it has become. Having students has definitely brought my four little white walls alive, that’s for sure.

mini-section on learning the body parts. Señor Papa de Idaho to the rescue! 

Classroom calendario. You can see one of my ESL kids put her Quinceañera on there. She’s way excited. We had a big discussion on quince & wedding dresses the other day.

We picked Spanish names the other day in my Spanish 1 class, and you can see they took it way seriously. On Friday we did centers, and one of the stations was working on a classroom cumpleaños calendario and they added everyone’s birthday to it with their Spanish name. They were allowed to use any Spanish word they liked, so you can see we have a Fidel Salchicha, Loba Wulf, El Toro Caliente, etc. etc. etc. They are such a fun group. So far they are willing to do anything I tell them to (which I guess they are supposed to do, since I’m the teacher and all) and we did weather forecasts with my macbook on Friday. We even had a kid get his group to fan him so it looked windy so it could “hace viento”. Love. 

The birthday sombrero. It was gifted to me, and it hangs on the wall for the event of a cumpleaños. Every day someone asks to wear it. 
“Is it your cumpleaños?” 
“Well, no.” 
“Then no, you cannot wear it.”  

In my class they get 6 pesos at the beginning of the 6 weeks. They can use 1 for a homework pass, 2 for an extra credit point on a quiz or a test, and 3 for a bathroom pass. So far, I’ve only had one kid actually use his pesos to go to the bathroom. It’s a fun little currency thing. They negotiate, I negotiate, we talk about inflation and other fun things. 

I hung a little clothesline in the hallway to hang my favorite student work..and I tend to like all of them so I had to hang another one underneath so they would all fit. Up there you can see circle Thinking Maps, that my level 2 kids did for review of adjectives and describing themselves. In the middle it says “Yo Soy” (I am) and things that describe them. 

My little desk nook. Complete with my “¡hola!” sign, courtesy of the wonderful Sarah Spillman and the newest addition to my desk, Bruce the Bamboo. My 2nd period named him, and he is quite fun to use for examples in class. Him, and my little doll from Gap named Shakira. Shakira y Bruce son amigos. Bruce es mi amigo. Shakira es mi amiga. Somos amigos. You get the idea. 

And last but not least, my treasure box that contains all my secret surprises, including, but not limited to fake mustaches, inflatable microphones and random swords and hats. Next to that is Señor Mono who joined me at Senior Picnic last spring. My classroom is fun. 
I am so impressed so far ALREADY with how much my Spanish 1 kids have learned, how much my Spanish 2 kids have remembered, and how much better I’ve gotten already at ESL. I mean, I have lightyears to go until I feel comfortable actually saying I teach ESL, rather than just entertaining 12 Spanish speakers in the morning… but you gotta start somewhere.

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