Rob & Carolyn

Caro was my roommate Sophomore year at good ole MC and a good one was she. She kept my spot for me while I studied abroad in the fall of that year and then when I came back she had decorated our sweet little room in Brewer with welcome home surprises. I have such fond memories of that suite (no joke, totally misspelled that as sweet the first time). Our David Beckham poster that lived in the bathroom. The bulletin board above the potty where we hung our parking tickets. Many, many, many an all nighter happened in that suite, and then we would move to the parlor until the wee hours of the morning. We were also all about the same size so it was like having four closets. It was awesome. Such sweet friends. And she always tolerated my messiness and never complained about my clothes that somehow always ended up all over the floor… even on her side sometimes. I miss 204 Brewer.

Here are some sweet shots of she and her boo Rob. They are pretty freaking adorable. Enjoy.

Love, love, love, love. 

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