hoot hoot

So apparently owls are in right now. So cute. I have never seen more owl lunch boxes, tote bags, etc. etc. etc. than in the past few months. Lucky for me, my sweet friend Meredith Busey, whom I took pictures for last spring, mailed me an ADORABLE owl teacher-bag of my very own as a “thank you” for shooting her spring line. So, I feel like she WAY outdid what I did, and I am so obsessed with it. I had no idea little owls could be so fun.

And it does say “la lechuga” which means the lettuce. When Meredith was asking around to figure out what to put on it, she was like “I can put a random Spanish word… not like lettuce or anything,  but something relevant” and I was like “lettuce is fine! Whatever works for me!” and lettuce it is. I love it. So unique. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Thank you Meredith!
AND my sweet sister, who is the queen of all things care packages, made me a cute little teacher package complete with hand sanitizer, snackies, notepads and cute little months of the year in Spanish for my classroom calendar. I was so worried when she moved to North Carolina that I wouldn’t get care packages anymore, and then when I graduated I was so worried I wouldn’t get them anymore… but thank goodness you’re never too old for care packages. She got these cute little notepads made with my teacher name and with adorable owls that match my Lechuga Bag. Perfect? Yep. Sure are. LOVE LOVE LOVE again. Thank you so much, hermana! 

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