Internet Willing

My life right now is kind of internet willing. Internet at home is flakey, internet at work has been floating in and out… makes life kinda difficult. Nonetheless, I am so behind on non-school related life. So, prepare for a series of short and photo-infused blog entries. Number 1? The sweet Haugk family. Beautiful inside and out, this crew was a treat to photograph. Enjoy!

I love this one. This kid was cracking me up.
And so, the first real Monday of real life. I’m wiped. I have two days of paid ESL training so I’ll be MIA in mi clase and in meetings. I’m excited for some more ESL knowledge but I am not too excited about being out two days this week (and potentially two days next week, yuck). So much for establishing routines! Sure, it’s important for my students… but kind of important for the teacher too! If I sit still too long my body thinks it is summer again. 
Happy Monday, and happy almost-September!

One thought on “Internet Willing

  1. next time you come back to mc, can we please please pleeeeeeease meet up for royal bean or starbucks?? i've had two pumpkin spice frappuccinos this week, and both times i thought of you!

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