Some time ago I began this joke (mostly with myself) about all these things I want to happen, or things I want to do before I’m thirty-two. As a kid you always think that by the time you turn twenty you’ll be married and have a few kids… until you turn 16 and you realize that you really HOPE you’re not married and have a few kids by the time you’re twenty. Nonetheless, thirty-two is just an arbitrary number that I got from nowhere. Thirty was too cliche, and 35 was too odd, and 32 just seemed like a good, even number (by the way, I had this even number fetish way before Meredith…promise). So, the list isn’t complete, because I imagine in the next 10 years I’ll probably think of a few things to add (and check off!), but here are a few immediate life goals. If I don’t make goals with checkpoints I usually won’t do it. And if I write it on my blog, that means that the world can hold me accountable. So come November 4th, in 2019 you all better be checking up on me. My official 32 before I’m 32 list. Enjoy.

1. live closer to my sister 
2. National Board Certification
3. take pictures at a wedding
4. have a fully functioning photography business “on the side” 
5. be debt free (with the exception of a mortgage, but this includes student loan debt)
6. purchase a full frame DSLR + a myriad of lenses (fisheye, wide angle, macro zoom, the list goes on and on and on)
7. figure out what I want to do my Master’s degree in
8. go back to Costa Rica and visit Geovanny, Zulay, Ana Victoria & Isac
9. see the “Friends” apartment in New York
10. visit California 
11. make concrete plans to visit Egypt/Israel before I’m 45
12. own a house
13. have a brightly colored front door
14. visit the FuHsing school in Taiwan, either to teach or just to say hey! 
15. learn how to run, and sign up for a 5k (Real Simple says it’s never too late!) 
16. teach elementary school English as a Second Language… at least one year
17. teach in a foreign country
18. be working on a Master’s, or even have finished it
19. visit the Grand Canyon (I guess I’ll swing this when I swing #10)
20. learn how to make jam/jelly/preserves/etc.
21. master the sewing machine, and make some clothes for myself
22. live in the same zip code as Robert M. Chaney 
23. upgrade to an iMac 
24. learn how to edit in Photoshop, without crying in frustration

Some time in the future I’ll have to update and let you know how it’s going. If you have any suggestions for other things I ought to do before I’m 32, let me know! I’m open to ideas 🙂
Happy Saturday!  

One thought on “thirty-two

  1. i am completely and willingly able to assist you with numbers 3, 4, and 24..and i would love to complete numbers 5, 9, 15, 20, and 21 with you!

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