Friday Confessional

Another confession about another obsession. This one has been around for a while though, but I am obsessed with color. And lucky for me, so is my roommate! I love being surrounded by color, and usually…all of them. Here are a few colorful details of our apartment. As soon as we get a vacuum cleaner, you should come over (read: paycheck). 

What a happy apartment. I don’t ever want to move out. (Or paint it back.)

Things are going well… school starts on Wednesday and I am a lot closer to ready than I am not-ready, which is exciting. The past few weeks have been full (I mean FULL) of so much information, I am hoping I can remember it all… but I am excited. And I think we can all agree that nobody teaches for the money, but I can assure you I will be jumping up and down come payday. This summer I pretty much lived off of savings and odd jobs, and odd jobs are gone and so are the savings…so yeah. August 31. Happy. Day. In the meantime, I’ll be lesson planning, teaching (YAY!), editing photos, wrapping sessions and such is life. I do love it.

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