I’ve spent the last few days wrapping up final apartment details (the whole thing is painted, come visit! it’s so pretty, and soothing, and beach housey!), getting things together for my classroom and researching technology things. You see, I thought I knew things about technology until I met Señora Odom, my colleague at Midway. 1) She is awesome. 2) She knows (AND USES!) technology better than anyone I have ever met in my life (she recently posted online about how she created an interactive whiteboard using a wii remote, software and an infrared pen. I know! So cool!) . She has an awesome classroom site with links to a ton of resources and student work which is just the coolest thing and this Voki, is one of the things she has used in the past. It’s a text to voice application where students can type in sentences or phrases to a cute little avatar and make them talk. The possibilities are ENDLESS. This one I gave a Spanish accent, and chose the “Isabel” voice. There’s a variety of effects you can add to the voice, including a T-Pain option. Too fun. Well, here’s my Voki reciting “La Cucaracha”. The second time around I added some double R’s just for kicks.

http://vhss-d.oddcast.com/voki_embed_functions.phpAC_Voki_Embed(300,400,”4d19ace6c10917589927e65fe60eba13″,2681518, 1, “”, 0);
Get a Voki now!

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