Thursday Confessional

This may or may not be a thing I continually do on Thursdays. Or ever again. But here’s a confession:

I am obsessed with the south right now. I want to wear cowboy boots. Say “reckon” like it’s supposed to come out of my mouth. Run around in a field in a sun dress. That current obsession was kind of the feel inspiration for this little pseudo-photo session. That and my other current obsession with sun flare. Addicted. And endless summer yummy light.
Nom nom nom.

You’ve met Amy before. It really helps having super model dancer friends that live really close to you when you want to try out a new photo location real quick and in a hurry. Well, location success. Amy success. Overall, success. And a little bit of my southern obsession was satisfied.

So thankful this girl still lives so close to me. She is to thank for my room being painted and curtains hung and everything. I seriously would not have it done without her help. Thank you Amy! Now everyone wish good job getting thoughts her way. Ready, and, go!

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