I FINALLY am all moved in to my apartment. I mean paint on the walls, clothes on the floor, toothpaste in the sink moved in (I, of course, pick up the clothes and clean the toothpaste out of the sink, so don’t worry) and just in time, for moving-in part two. This time, into my classroom (dramatic pause for “yay” dance). Oh it’s cute. It’s got desks in it. It’s got a computer in it (which started making a crazy noise when I moved my desk… looks like the electronic curse didn’t go far). And it’s got some textbooks in it. It’s fun. I moved in a few things today during our lunch break at orientation which will hopefully help the weight of my car and improve my gas mileage. I’ve literally been driving boxes of books around since the end of May. I simply refused to carry them into my third floor apartment just to carry them right back down again.

The commute is long, but it’s totally worth it. Today I met my neighbor (teacher next door) and the custodian who so kindly brought me a giant cart. Everyone is so nice. It’s ridiculous. Can’t think of a better place to start out my teaching career. Anywho, here’s the photos of the newly painted and (mostly) decorated bedroom. And a few deets of my classroom.

workspace at home….
….and workspace at… work. 

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