peace an’ blessins’

I feel like all of my post-grad blog posts have all been wreaking of “THIS IS SO WEIRD”. Well, this one won’t be any different because right now I am sitting in my newly painted apartment, in my new glasses, with my new haircut thinking about how weird it is. A year ago I was beginning my senior year of college, already freaking out about student teaching and silly college student things. It’s unreal how much things change in a year. A month.  A few days. Etc. Etc. So, the post-grad adventures are finally beginning, after a long (and sweet) three month transition period. Apartment is decorated and homey, paperwork is ready and filled out for my new job, and gas is in my car and ready to be driven to Sampson County. The grown-up learning curve has curved, with jury duty summons, broken air conditioning, car insurance payments, check engine lights and rent and utilities. I am sincerely hoping that the curve starts to straighten out a little bit, because until I get that first post-grad paycheck, I might just have a meltdown if I have to pay for something else.

This week I have been volunteering at a weeklong day camp with the Neighbor to Neighbor Latino Ministry in Raleigh. I used to mentor with the program during the week when I was in college (whew, what a phrase..I’ve had to practice saying it) and I found out that they do this sweet week long vacation bible school type program for like 100 elementary school heritage Spanish speakers. Hello, awesome week. Honestly, it’s been so long since I worked in an atmosphere with students where I was allowed (and encouraged!) to talk about Jesus it was super strange at first. However, it is the sweetest thing ever talking to these kids about God. The theme for the week is “Kids Under Construction” (Niños bajo de construcción) and, complete with an catchy song with hand motions, there is a trait each day that talks about how when you become a Christian you are a work in progress and God changes you and your heart. The traits we’ve had so far are Believing, Obedient and Loving… we have a little Bible story for the day and a craft activity and they just love it all. I love it all. Everyone who is there loves it all. It’s just a fun thing to love. The cheesy little song talks about how we’re “kids under construction” and “maybe the paint is still wet”, and even though I’m not technically a kid it’s a good reminder to me that the transformation is a lifelong process. It’s not overnight, and maybe the paint is still wet, but I’m a work in progress…and God’s always working.  Yay reminders. Here are some of the sweet faces I get to see everyday. We are the 8 year old group and we were given the name “Screwdrivers”. I made up a fun little hand signal to get their attention where they put their hands together above their head to make us look like a flat head screwdriver. Sometimes we get silly with it and spin around in circles. That’s fun until someone throws up (which someone did, however it was unrelated to the screwdriver spinning).

Mis princesas. Out of 16, only 5 are chicas so we call them the princesses. Which they are. With their pink and purple silly bands, and just overall cuteness. Eight is a fun age.

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