baby evan

What with all the crazy life changes going on and end of an era-ing going on all over the place…it’s been nice spending all this time with babies 🙂 And I must say, time with a little newborn baby was time well spent. It’s amazing how much stress evaporates when you’re holding a brand new life. This sweet, sweet guy is the new addition to my friends Chris and Julia’s little family. I went to church with them when I was in  Durham, and ran into them one time in Raleigh my freshman year at Meredith, but haven’t seen them since. Chris sent me a message about doing some photos of little baby Evan and come to find out they live like 20 minutes from me in Garner, and go to church that meets literally next door to my apartment complex! I’m so excited to have a little bit of “home” here in Garner… and am so thrilled I got to meet little Evan. I’ve never actually seen a baby that new up close and personal… it was like the most terrifying and sweetest thing ever. According to Julia, that pretty much sums up being a new parent, haha 🙂 

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