summertime coming to an end…

‘Ello from Charlotte, NC (I think technically Matthews, but even more technically Indian Trail, NC). I decided to go on a little impromptu (and quite unwise, financially speaking) road trip this weekend to see my sister and fam. It was so great to get away from Raleigh (technically, Garner) for a few days… everything is changing so quickly. Summer is wrapping up and people are  moving away and it’s just so sad. Just like Monica and Rachel said, it’s the end of an era. A sweet era, at that… one that I am not too keen to say goodbye to!
My plan is to super quickly and super efficiently paint my bedroom tomorrow evening and then next week wrap up the rest of my moving-in and decorating because first year teacher orientation starts the NEXT WEEK. So unbelievable. I had so many things on my fun summer to-do list that I have to do before work starts. One thing to keep a look out for is website and blog updates… trying to really utilize my disk storage and new URL ( for photo things. I absolutely love having a little pseudo-on-the-side-job where I get to be completely creative. Love it so much. Speaking of, above is a sweet shot of Baby B from the other day. I love those curls so much. Happy August!

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