new things

This post is dedicated to new things.

Número uno: haircuts. Marshall got a haircut. Two actually. The first one, he missed a spot, in the middle. The second time, he got it even, don’t worry. 🙂

And honestly, I didn’t hate it. Cute thang.
Número 2: New experiences, like painting. A kitchen. Purple.

Número 3: Cabbage bottle openers. Courtesy of none other than one of my FuHsing students. They must have amazing cabbage on that side of the planet. You’ll also notice some Spanish word magnets, mixed in with my roommate’s English Romance Novel word magnets. We took out the really inappropriate ones to make our apartment “all ages” friendly, don’t worry. Still makes for some hilarious sentences though.

I am loving all this newness! Next week, I’ll be volunteering with Campo Mucho (a part of the Neighbor to Neighbor Latino Ministry) in North Raleigh which I am super excited about, and then the following week First Year Teacher orientation begins! It’s hard to believe that in less than a month I’ll have my very own classroom and my very own students that I (and only I) am responsible for.  I’m ready, in the sense that I am ready to actually work (we’ll see how long that lasts), but as far as actual preparedness goes… not so ready. I have some great ideas but nothing on paper (or in word document) yet. Which kinda freaks me out, but still… overall sentiment: excitement, readiness, JOY.

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