FuHsing Re-Caps

The gender make-up of the FuHsing program was overwhelming female. Out of 32 students, 6 were boys; four of them in high school and the minority being our two middle schoolers Ernie and Charles. This is SO new, because the first two years, the first year especially was a vast majority middle school boy, so it was so funny to have only two. Personally, I hope we always get a few middle school boys because they definitely bring the fun.

My high school boys did not disappoint with the hilarity, either. Which brings me to another “top-ten” moment. One of their favorite things to tell me was, “Oh Kellie, you have potential.” They learned this word in their English class in the first few days and said it all the time. One day in particular I was working with them in their fiber art class and came up with an idea that they actually liked (didn’t happen often) and they were like “Oohhhhh (those of you who have worked with these kids before, you know the ohhhh that I’m talking about) Kellie… you have potential!” This comment spurred a hilarious conversation about sarcasm and then Samuel discovered he was actually quite funny in English, even though he feared he was only funny in Chinese. This was both hilarious, and also fun from a teacher point of view to see them learn how to use sarcasm, and use it well…. even at my expense. 🙂 

Like when one day I was really excited about lasagna in the dining hall and then expressed this excitement to Samuel and he simply said, “congratulations” and walked away. My first instinct was to discuss appropriate times to use the phrase “congratulations” and then I realized he knew this, and was using that sarcasm. Oh me. I miss those kids. Thank goodness for Facebook, because it’s like I really haven’t stopped talking to them. I’m already ready for next year!

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