Third Time’s the Charm

Some of you may know that I was pretty seriously considering moving to Taiwan this coming year to teach at the FuHsing school. For a wide variety of reasons I opted not to go and will be in NC for the upcoming school year. This is just another example of why my life is a complete demonstration of God’s goodness, because if it were up to me, I would be making some bad decisions.

For whatever reason as soon as those kids and teachers came through the gate at the airport, it was like seeing a part of my family. I missed them. Granted, this was a brand new group of kids, with brand new personalities and brand new things to teach me but I had missed them so much. I didn’t even realize it. These past few weeks of conversations with FuHsing teachers, students and my colleagues here at Meredith just really solidified that my little inkling of a feeling I had a few months ago and turned it into a want. A need. An exciting, exciting, exciting future plan that I will in the future move to Taiwan for a year to teach… something. Yep, I’m saying it out loud. I want to move to Taiwan. I want to move to Asia. I want to move to a country where I don’t speak the language (other than the aforementioned chest hair). This is so terrifying and exciting. This is a few years in the works, but you better believe that sometime soon I’ll be blogging from the future. And by the future, I mean 12 hours ahead (Taiwan, if you didn’t catch it before).

Now this something I’ll be teaching, it will hopefully be at least one Spanish class (I already have some middle schoolers asking if they can take a class with me, haha) but when the time comes we will see. I did make the students promise though, that if I come to teach at their school that they can’t tell anyone about my ridiculous antics here at Meredith. I’ve been known to dress up in a crazy costume or two and dance around at the expense of my stern teacher reputation (ha) so the word on the street in Taipei will be that I don’t play. I guess.

So the first time, I liked it. The second time, I loved it. The third time, I’m ready to follow them home.  Third time’s the charm. In the future, with a little money in my savings, a little less debt, a little bit of teaching under my belt… I’ll be ready.

So sometimes I’m worried that I don’t have enough of my life planned. I don’t know what I want to get my Master’s in, I don’t know when I’ll be married, or when I’ll buy a house or when I’ll do anything really…but then I realize that while I’m worrying about not having enough plans, God’s been working the whole time. I am just surrounded, completely enveloped in his plans for me. Which is comforting to know that by taking one day at a time, I’m just doing what my plan is supposed to be. Living, and trying to love as best as I can.

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