2 days?

Only two days to go, I can’t believe they leave on Friday. I can tell such a difference in the length of the program this year… a few days ago was the “rough patch” (where all the counselors are exhausted and the kids forget how to listen) but now is the best part. Where everyone feels comfortable and we just have fun and run around and love being where we are. I think I’ve mentioned that I don’t want it to end. Because I don’t. The kids are so comfortable and talking and really showing their personalities!

Another addition to the top ten? My other middle school friend. When we visited the NC Battleship there was a former crew member there walking around answering questions, posing for pictures, etc. and he had on a really neat hat with pins and other “flair”. My group member asked if he could take a picture with his hat, and the guy looked really confused and turned to Danny Green and said, “he wants a picture with my ass?” The best part was that no one heard it except for myself and one of the FuHsing teachers and we happened to make eye contact and enjoyed the laugh together. And then the kid retold the story and couldn’t stop laughing and neither could I. Language learning is quite enjoyable… especially if you like to laugh.

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