FuHsing happenings

Today is Sunday and the kiddos leave on Friday. Crazy, crazy! I had a hard time getting excited for the program this year, but as soon as they got off the plane I was ready, and I can promise that I am not ready for them to go. I’m working on a “top ten” list of hilarity. Get ready:

We discovered that the word we learned for panda, something to the effect of show-mow (in the context of Kung Fu Panda) is dangerously close to the word for chest hair. We all learned Kung-Fu Show-Mow the first year, and so to think that for nearly three years I’ve been saying “Kung-Fu Chest Hair” instead is just plain embarrassing…and pretty funny. And it gets better.

One of our silliest middle school boys (there are only two, and both pretty silly, but this kid is a hoot) was sitting at dinner with us and we were having a little discussion about going to the zoo and asking to see chest hair instead of pandas, and one of the male faculty members said, “I can just show you mine” and proceeded to show everyone his show-mow. The adults, myself included, sat there in silence, not really sure how to respond to this demonstration, but middle school boy took that silent moment to exclaim, “Oh! That is fancy!”

You can only imagine the response of the adults. I personally, was crying I was laughing so hard and the middle school boy went straight to the floor in a fit of giggles. Now everywhere we go things are “fancy” and you’d be surprised how much “fancy chest hair” comes up in conversation. I love middle school boys.

More of the “top  ten” coming tomorrow! Here are some photos from our trip to the coast yesterday. We went to the Battleship and the aquarium at Fort Fisher. I had never been to the aquarium before and hadn’t been to the battleship in years. We had a wonderful time… the battleship wasn’t a huge hit for the girls, and I was super thankful to be with the boy group. They loved it. Towards the end though their “it’s hot” complaints turned into “there is no oxygen down here, Kellie” so we cut the tour kind of short, but it was so neat to see it and actually be old enough to understand what it was.

At the aquarium we saw the alligators and this smiley guy hung out by the window for a long time posing for pictures. I stood in line to get one with him, but by the time I got to the front he swam away… but my kids got a couple. I must admit, I was not to keen on the idea of turning my back towards the guy for a photo, there were some mysterious looking scratches on the glass…

This was my favorite piece at the art museum we visited this morning. It is an upside down interpretation of the Mona Lisa made out of spools of thread. I am totally inspired, I will totally do this one day with a photo. You just blow up the picture and get spools of thread to coordinate with the pixels. Such a cool idea. The neatest was the crystal set in front of it that put it right side up.
Can’t believe I’ll be saying goodbye to these kids on Friday! Too soon!

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