day 2

Ahoy from my Alma Mater, where I am currently residing in Brewer hall. Brewer is just as I remember it, although a little bit chilly. The chilliness is wonderful in moments like this, where we have been playing outside in 100 degree weather, although it is a bit painful at night when I’m wearing long sleeves, a hoodie (hood on), sweatpants, socks and two blankets and can’t seem to fall asleep because of the shivering.

I moved in my things on Monday when we had the staff orientation and general preparations, and then yesterday we did the rest of the preparation work (read: filling water balloons, making welcome signs, and other fun tasks). Our Taiwanese friends flights were delayed, sadly, and they came in well after midnight and we did not make it back to Brewer hall ready for bed until well after 2am. As expected, they were ready to go this morning at eight when I knocked on their door, but I can tell they are starting to get a little sleepy…the buses were very quiet en route to our afternoon field trip to Lake Crabtree. 
We have a vast majority of girls this year (a big change from our normal 65%+ boys) and almost half of them are high schoolers. Considering it has taken us three years to get to our “target” demographic, this is quite exciting news! As usual the students are hilarious, and I feel they are VERY talkative compared to previous groups. I’m excited to work with them in preparation for teaching ESL in the fall… this is so different as a graduate! I am really enjoying it though. Except for the 5 hours of sleep last night. I enjoyed those, but I would have enjoyed 8 more. I am really missing my teacher bedtime and morning energy. I’m going to have to channel my inner college student to make the next few weeks happen… and also become dependent on caffeine. Thankfully, BDH has big(ger) coffee cups than it used to. 
And because I haven’t taken any pictures so far (not really sure what that’s about) here’s another cutie from fun times with Patrick and Mandie last week. They’re the cutest. Did I mention they are cute? So cute. 
I’m a little obsessed with sun flare right now. 

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