happy july & details

July? July! I can’t believe it is here. 2010 is halfway over? Summer is halfway over? Soon I will be a real, live first year teacher alone and naked in my classroom (not my own words, but the wise ones of Dr. Toni Parker… naked being metaphorical, of course. Or in my nightmares, where it will be in fact, literal).

This week I’ve been back in my apartment putting the final touches on furniture and getting laundry done and my life organized for FuHsing which starts at 9am on Monday. Unbelievable. Being at my apartment has been fun, especially all day today where I did nothing but put things away and organize my space. I love it. I have the master bedroom in our apartment (which is only like 5 feet bigger than the other one) and it is unreal how much space I have. I love having enough floor space where I can roll out my yoga mat without hitting anything. Here are some of my favorite details from my bedroom and bathroom so far. Wait til you see the paint color that will soon cover my walls… I am so excited to wake up in it everyday.

Below are a really fun arts and craftsy thing I worked on over the weekend. I was inspired by Real Simple’s June issue and the article on “how to organize for all personality types” I was dead on type B and I have a bazillion pairs of earrings that I forget I have because I don’t see them. Eventually these beauties will be hanging on the wall, but for now they are just chilling on the counter. All I did was take a few frames and hot glue fabric to the inside of the frame. The fabric is loose enough that the earrings easily poke through, which makes it pretty to look at AND useful. Yay pretty and useful things. 

I also just put some of my favorite fabrics in some smaller frames (elephants and lemons. love) which will probably stay on the counter once the earrings go up. I also have a thing for collecting random bowls, so I was so excited to have something to do with them. Above you’ll see my favorite bowl ever. My best friend Emily from high school gave it to me. We have a thing for giraffes. Thank you, again, Sarah for the use of your fabric!

Eventually I am going to paint this chair white, but I got it a few weeks ago when I went to a few yard sales with Marie in Raleigh. It was just a couple of dollars, and then I got that fun house fabric from Ikea and just hot glued the fabric over the seat. Who knew covering chairs could be so easy?

And here is the very beginning of my workspace. I got this hanger from Ikea and I’m going to hang my fun Apple marker board above it. Super excited. The most exciting thing is the bright blue thing hanging from the wire second from the left is my paint color. That’s going to be one exciting room.

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