summer summer summer

As you may have noticed, I am really enjoying the new blogger design upgrade thing. All the things I taught myself how to do with html are now easy DIY options. Saweet. So don’t be surprised if my layout changes again and again until the novelty wears off.
Also, I am like craving some creativity. Thankfully, I was seriously blessed with a temporary job so my days have been spent in the professional world answering phones and pretending to know what I’m talking about. It’s been quite fun at times, and quite boring at times. I am so thankful for this job though. It has turned a bit more long term temporary (again, yay) so I won’t be having these long summery leisurely days like I had imagined, but considering the current state of my bank account, it is a good thing I am working. I am looking forward to this weekend where I am going to spend some time in my apartment painting my furniture for my room. Yay. The room painting is going down the following weekend, so I’ll get some “before pictures” here soon so we can compare. Exciting. Since I have not been able to carry my camera around here’s another sweet one from last week. For some reason this kid jumps..all the time. She’ll just be standing there and then the next second she’s jumping up and down. It’s fun. Sometimes I just jump up and down with her. Not sure why that happens either.

And just a little photography sidenote… I’ve challenged myself to only shoot on manual and blog images straight out of the camera for the rest of the summer. I really wanna learn, learn.

As of late I’ve just been overwhelmed with God’s awesome fathering skills. 
Oh, how he loves us so. 

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