if I had a million dollars…

This week I have been “on the phones” at a reception desk. Today I logged the time when I got phone calls. 
10:38. 11:33. 12:12. 12:37. 1:43. 1:45. 3:09. 3:19.
I have found myself with a lot of time to design, fantasize about and mentally prepare myself for my apartment. And just, well, stuff. I never really am a big “if I had money this is what I would get”, but given my newly graduated status and the harsh realization that I don’t have any money… this is what I would get. So behold, my “if I won the lottery” collage. Not pictured above are a charcoal grey “new” VW beetle, all my student debt gone away, and a plate wall.
Welcome to my head.

7 thoughts on “if I had a million dollars…

  1. that set of canisters is $150 on ebay. they're going for like 20-50 a piece! so insane! I am totally regretting not getting them at target when i had the chance..

  2. I google imaged photos and put them in a word document, took a screen shot and cropped it in paint. Fun stuff!

    And mister anonymous, 2006 happened to be a great year. I graduated and (finally) started dating a handsome fella that year, “babybaby”. 😉

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