This summer is just phenomenal. We’re just about a month into it and I’m already loving it. A few bug bites aside, it has been filled with great people, great food, time for taking pictures, time for reading, time for long walks and the occasional nap. As for the people, this little thing is the hilarious offspring of some of my favorites. She makes the occasional serious face, but as of late has decided to work some hilarious faces for the camera. I have about a million. Really, I just say, “Can I take your picture?” and she does something hilarious. Usually, she’s just hilarious anyway but she dials it up a bit and generally holds hilarious poses long enough for the shutter. Did I say hilarious enough? Hilarious. 
Today we had a fun time in the sunglasses section of Target. She tried to convince me to get a pair of zebra and teal glasses, but we compromised on the regular black ones with cheetah print on the side. I’m pleased with them. I think she would have liked the zebra better. 

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