Trumbull Family

Meet the Trumbulls! This sweet family went to my church when I lived in Durham and thanks to the wonderfulness of facebook we have been able to stay connected. Graduation season was very exciting for them, as mama Whit finished two master’s degrees (CORRECTION!), firstborn Lucy finished undergrad at Davidson College and middle (wild)child will be finishing high school in about a week. Whit contacted me to schedule some fun graduation pictures for the three grads and they were a pleasure to work with. We had a blast taking some very silly shots and a few “normal” ones. Thanks for having me Trumbulls!

2 thoughts on “Trumbull Family

  1. Hi Kellie, I'm glad we have stayed connected with you and your family, too! Did you know that I actually knew your Mom before we came to Living Hope? Anyway, thanks for the kind words. And while I know it seems like I was in school long enough to finish a PhD. I didn't. It was two master's degrees! : )

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