I’ve already posted a few of my immediate favorites of Louisa on here, but here’s the “official” post. I met this sweet girl freshman year on third floor of Poteat. She lived with my kind-of cousin Mary and ended up being Cornhuskin’ co-chair with my roommate Meghan. She was also a music major so during my brief time as a music student we spent lots of quality time together in our music classes. Four Cornhuskins and many, many fun times later, we have graduated and she is heading to Campbell in the fall for divinity school. You’ll notice a sweet stack of hymnals in some of the photos, they were a graduation gift from one of her family members. We spent some time in the chapel at Meredith, quite appropriate for her certificate in church music (and her heart for Jesus!) and then went downtown for some fun city time. Enjoy! Thank you for having me Louisa, you are lovely!

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