sweet summertime

I have discovered since graduation that I am not great at relaxing. I’m either awake, running around in a million different directions or I am semi-comatose on the couch slipping in and out of consciousness to The Office reruns. One would think that I’d just be able to enjoy this downtime, but no. I have to have some goals and aspirations for the summer…or I’ll die.

número uno:
Research teaching ESL. With my new big girl job I’ll be teaching Spanish and ESL (English as a Second Language, for you non-edu people) which is thrilling. However, my program was preparatory for Español so I have a general gist for what I need to do for ESL but not as much as I do for Spanish. Thus, research.

número dos:
Aperture 3. RAW. Flickr. Making prints. A variety of photographical things I need to learn how to do to improve the final products for photos. My current goal is figuring out how to make prints that look good. So simple, yet so difficult for me for some reason.

número tres:
Find an apartment and order Orla Kiely mugs off ebay.

número cuatro:
Do some reading for fun. I’ve read one Nicolas Sparks book (which honestly made me want to kill him), but if you have any suggestions please comment.

número cinco:
Downsize. Get rid of a ton of stuff I’ve just been packing and re-packing since I started college. I am so excited for a fresh start.

Another beautiful shot of Louisa, SOOC . I think I’m about over editing photos.

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