14 days

If I could have majored in Admiring Art, I totally would have. I may not be a world class singer, painter, photographer, dancer, art-anything, but my goodness I do enjoy it. I guess everyone that loves art can’t be great at it, because artists have to have some one to appreciate what they do.

This weekend I had the sweet opportunity to hear my lovely friend-since-freshman-year Louisa perform her senior graduation voice recital and see my dancer friends rock out their mainstage Danceworks show. Art is such proof to me of God’s love. I teared up through most of Louisa’s performance and almost ugly cried (again) during Danceworks… it’s just so obvious to me the Creator behind music and movement. Blows my mind. Here’s another sweet one from Amy’s shoot a few weeks ago. Exactly two weeks from today will be graduation. I am not ready for this.

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