beginning of the end

This is all so surreal. Tuesday is my last day teaching my level 2s. I’ve been teaching them since the beginning of February. I think it just hit me today that they really aren’t my students. Part of this makes me happy (the ones that are grumpy all the time) and part of this makes me really sad (the ones that have learned SO MUCH). Luckily, I have another week with the level 4 and 5 class which has turned out to be SO FUN. They are game for anything, and I have helped them get out of the habit of being slowpokes… I figured if I rushed them around from fun-thing to fun-thing they’d work faster. And they did. They are so awesome, they actually finished a project in one class period, and had the directions to ¡sea creativo! (be creative!) And boy did they get creative. I told them the most creative team would get a special surprise, and that my judgement was completely biased and subjective, but they rose to the challenge.

The assignment was to use the subjunctive tense to write a want-ad for the “ideal friend”. It was kind of open-ended, but just required a visual representation in addition to the written “ad”. I was very vague in my “visual representation” and I had a girl team rap their want-ad. The whole class agreed they were the most creative (which really saved my butt, with the whole subjective judgy thing) and the girls were kind enough to do it again so I could include it in my portfolio. Sweet things. So their special surprise is a doughnut (which after I announced it to the class, realized it was pretty lame) but I’m thinking I might try to get some Bojangles or something for next week which is my real last week. This is why teachers don’t have any money. Their advanced level classes make them want to reward them all the time for being awesome and so they spend all their teacher salaries on doughnuts, biscuits, candy and stickers.

By the way, this our class doll: Iris Elizabeth Green. She’s a pretty lady, this 2010er. I love everything about her, down to her little iPhone, onyx, clutch and stylish black flats.

So for me, this marks the beginning of the end. 5 more school days of teaching. 16 more real days until graduation. I should really send out my announcements this weekend.

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