teacher thoughts on grown-ups and crooks

This morning I was running ever so slightly behind, and somehow managed to get behind one of my more…colorful…. students from fourth period. He was being his usually flirty self with two girls (at the same time, what are these girls thinking?) and feeling awkward (as I normally do once students start talking about their personal “love” lives. I think they know this and do it on purpose now, just to see me gag), I was sincerely hoping he wouldn’t notice I was walking dangerously close to him. Well he did, and he totally surprised me. “Good morning Ms. Deaton! I never get to see you until after lunch! Guess what? I did my homework!” and then resumed his normal high school boy state and “swaggered” away, a lady under each arm after giving me a solid high five. Not gonna lie, it’s been a long time since I’ve smiled that big before 8 o’clock in the morning.

This said “colorful” student has also helped me develop this “inside-joke-currency” thing. We trade “YMCAs” and “Jellos”. They give me “YMCAs” when they do something undesirable, like, not have their bathroom passes but have to pee. If they really gotta go, they’ll do the YMCA (complete with a “it’s fun to stay at the” and choreography) in front of their peers. If they’re just trying to get out of class, they’ll sit back down. And for the jello, if I am trying to make a deal with them, I offer “jellos”. One day we got on a tangent about making regular words sound like dirty words (picture Joey Tribbianni saying ‘Grandma’s chicken salad’) and so I said “jello” like a pick-up line and they thought it was hilarious. I mean, one kid cried he was laughing so hard (I tell myself it was because I’m funny, but honestly I probably had a booger or something on my face). So basically, it’s a win-win for everyone. I get them to do something I want them to do (like work for 10 more minutes) and they are rewarded by making the student-teacher say something ridiculous. And not to mention me being completely entertained by my little Village People. Win-win.

So grown-ups and crooks. I am just a month shy of grown-updom. Kinda crazy. The more this student teaching thing goes though, the more I feel ready to assume that grown-up status. For a few weeks, I was hating it. Bad. It’s so ridiculous, the worse I did at the beginning has made me so much more confident. It’s so backwards. I kind of like the “Ms. D” that I have become affectionately called recently. At first, it made me feel o-l-d, but now I really like the sound of it. I never thought I would say that.

And as for crooks. This week marks the wonderfully pointless tradition of the crook. Excuse me, The Crook. Last year I posted about how we, as juniors, were looking for the blessed stick hid by the class of 2009, but this year I sit in the senior seat and we have hidden the jewel! As class secretary, (and mostly right now, just person who communicates with everyone by email because when I am on campus I’m usually asleep) I know where we hid the thing, but because I’m never here (and like I said, when I am, unconscious) I feel so far away! I actually saw some 2011ers looking for it this afternoon (I wish I was here yesterday when they found 5 fakes!), with headlamps on in broad daylight. I loved it. Their excitement over this tradition is just so representative of Meredith. Last night in our induction into the Alumnae Association, there was chat over just how much Meredith grads love this place. We do. We love it so much we get excited about looking for a stick all over campus and make t-shirts to remember doing it. We will probably only wear this shirt twice, but both times we’ll wear it with pride and  will smile every time we pass over it in our Meredith t-shirt drawer.

To 2011: legally, I cannot wish you happy hunting because of my even status, but I love you. I hope you cherish all these fun, fun, fun, fun times doing completely crazy things like stick-hunting, dancing in parlors or undisclosed locations until crazy hours of the morning, making t-shirts, taking pictures, loving your littles, bigs, and even friends, because in one year from right now, you will be one month shy of your graduation wishing you were the ones looking for The Crook. And maybe being ever so slightly grumpy, because you don’t want to leave this sweet, sweet place you have called home for the past four years.

This post is a little sappy, but the other day a student at KHS made a comment about myself and a teacher that works there that’s a Meredith grad and said (after expressing her absolute adoration for the other teacher):

“I knew there was something different about you Ms. D….
There’s just something about you Meredith teachers.”

And let the recruiting begin… 🙂

4 thoughts on “teacher thoughts on grown-ups and crooks

  1. Ms. D, you really almost made me cry. I love your funny, sweet sentimentality. Basically, I just love you. Know that you can always come back and visit us dreaded (yet oh so lovable) odds 🙂

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