Today is a very, very special day. My boyfriend, friend, mac specialist, jokester, boy-I-know, sometimes pastor, graphic design division, usually called Marshall, is one year older. After turning 18 three times, I wasn’t sure how many times he was going to turn 21, but as it turns out, just the once was enough. Kiddo is 22 today, and might I add, looking more handsome than ever. I think the crown brings out his eyes. Or maybe the sword. I don’t know. If you find yourself at the Apple store (he doesn’t believe in days off…even on his birthday) or maybe at the Which Wich, be sure to do something embarrassing that will draw a lot of attention to him. With love, of course. 

We celebrated with his family on Sunday and his sweet momma could only find one “2” candle, so she substituted the other with a question mark. The interpretation is two-fold: 1. He is a twenty-something? 2. the curve of the “?” looks like a 2. Sweet, either way. Marshall was just kinda like… “so we’re celebrating that I’m 2?” 

And just because I was unattended for a very long time in the Chaney household… camera in tow…

Marshall, Olivia, Christopher, Schuyler. So many more where that came from. 
Happy Birthday! 

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