portraits: catie mae

I believe I have introduced my pal Catie already, but if you were not with me for that post, allow me to introduce her again. Meet Cathryn Kelly Hitzigrath (I hope it’s okay I put your government name on here, girl!). We met as freshman in Music Theory 101, and in a little over a month we’ll be graduating together, she as a music educator…and myself just an admirer of music. 🙂 Catie is one of those people that you know for only a little bit of time, but you kinda feel like you’ve been friends for longer than that. From climbing magnolia trees, making noodles for our Taiwanese friends, late night excavations of storm drains to retrieve lost cell phone batteries, to just your average kidnapping turned cook-out run, the past four years would definitely not have been the same without my pal Hitzigrath, Bustacap, Hits-the-grass …. or Catie. Whatever you’d like to call her. I wish her so much luck as she moves to the outskirts of North Carolina to ASU for a master’s program…and also that she gets “most likely to trip at graduation”. She wants that superlative bad. Enjoy some shots we got this morning… we’ve been trying to “schedule” a time for like an entire semester and last night we were kinda like “are you free tomorrow? I’m free tomorrow!” so we ran with it. And boy was it fun. And I got to use the butterfly wall, which I have been admiring for a while. There are like a million, because I couldn’t chose only 5 faves to share. There were way too many favorites. Kinda like “Catie” stories. Too. Many. To. Share.

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