I ♥ Siblings

I think I have a new favorite kind of photo shoot. SIBLINGS. A few weeks ago I had a blast with Maggie and Jack, and last weekend I had the chance to hook fellow Meredith girl (and blogtographer) Jenn up with some senior portraits of she and her brother. As a fellow holder of a Canon Rebel, Jenn expressed a major regret that she and I both share: She can’t take pictures of herself. I totally identify. If there were some way to use my “eye” on myself, I would have the best senior, facebook, engagement, wedding and maternity pictures of myself forever. FOR FREE. Alas, that is not so, and Jenn emailed me and trusted me. And I’m so glad she did, because she and Joe were so. much. fun. to play with! Thanks for having me! Jenn, you are lovely and Joe is hilarious. Congratulations on graduating!

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