Don’t you miss the days of spring break when you were bored? Yeah, me too. Yesterday was my sleep day. If I play my cards right and do work like I have planned today and tomorrow, Friday, Saturday and Sunday will also be sleep days. Basically I’m cramming about week’s worth of planning, grading, teacher portfolioing into two days. The good thing about student teaching that your professors don’t tell you about, is you get to see what you have to do in order to do your job well and also somehow maintain your sanity, health and personal relationships. Well, I’m doing a pretty good job as a teacher but I have to say, sleeping, staying healthy and being sane have not really been happening prior to yesterday. My plan is to use the next four weeks (only four more weeks, amazing grace) to work on continuing to be a good teacher… and being a good Kellie. Oh trial and error. Here’s another goody from the dance girls shoot the other day. I have all the group ones edited and are in possession of the official maker of the slideshow, and I’ll have them + individuals up hopefully by the end of the weekend.  I have some other shoots I need to edit and blog before the week is over. I am so ready to be done with student teaching so I can do more fun photo things…and not feel guilty about it 🙂 

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