to-do (over spring break)

  • nothing
  • sleep all day 
  • catch up on real simples, martha stewart livings, and body+souls
  • do all of my laundry
  • clean my room
  • take things to goodwill (finally)
  • clean out my car…with a vacuum cleaner
  • more nothing
  • get a manicure and pedicure (if I find some money while I clean my room)
  • watch a lot of movies
  • sleep all day, some more
  • nothing
Señorita Deaton is one sleepy student teacher. I think my students are tired too. We had two meltdowns today. It was awesome, I used the same calming skills that I use with pre-schoolers with my high schoolers. Kids are kids. 2 or 15…soothing tones work.
A fun shot from Gypsy’s a few weeks ago. This week has been so sad, I haven’t been able to take ANY pictures. Luckily, that will be remedied this weekend with SEVERAL photo ops. All the more reason I need to sleep. 

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