the anti-spring break

This past week was Meredith’s spring break, and since with student teaching I am on Wake County’s schedule, I was sentenced to a week of wrangling high schoolers while my pals had adventures in DC, went on cruises or hung out at the beach. Bitter, party of one? Yes.

Forever ago we had decided that it would be fun for me to drive up to Baltimore where my friends would be staying, on Friday after school, and then drive back together Saturday night so that they didn’t have to pay for a flight home. It worked perfectly, I drove Kasey’s car (which needed to be serviced anyway) and got to hang out in Baltimore all day Saturday with my friends, which was amazing. In spite of a scary drive up (it was fine until it got dark and I got off at the airport in DC by accident, and ending up paying the toll booth people twice…) and being attacked by a foreign object on 95 that chewed up a piece of plastic on the bottom of Kasey’s car… it was a great 36 hours in Maryland. We saw Charm City Cakes, I was surprised with an Ingrid Michaelson show (my friends are sneeky, sneeky), and ate Captain Crunch crusted French Toast and a crab and mozzarella omelet. And pretty much everyone in Baltimore lives in a townhouse with a brightly colored front door. Hello, life dream. What a great ending to a rough week at school…and I am so thrilled I get my very own spring break in approximately 8 days. Hallelujah. Thanks for a fun weekend, friends!

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