There is so much going on my head and surrounding areas the other day that my life has been reduced to making lists. And simply because I do not want to miss a minute of this experience known as senior year, here comes a list.

+ I find it very fortunate that I enjoy taking pictures as much as people enjoy me taking pictures of them.
+ I came up with a discipline “plan”per say, that encourages positive behavior instead of sending kids to ISS for my 3rd and 4th students. I have high hopes.
+ I confiscated a cell phone today.
+  My college supervisor is amazing and wonderful. I never knew being observed could be so encouraging. I have spent many, many, many hours at her home drinking tea and chatting about life, teaching and Jesus. I am so thankful for that.
+ There are few occasions when I can make my students laugh as much as they make me laugh.
+ I found my “me gusta, excelente, etc.” stickers.
+ I managed to sleep 12 hours last night, thanks to falling asleep at 7:30pm and a job fair this morning (that I missed because I thought it started at 8:30, but it was really 9:30 and then I had to go fix my plans, etc.).
+ I am helping with the KHS fashion show next week. I am so excited to see my kids doing something they like, instead of conjugating verbs (which the majority of them don’t like).
+ One more full week to spring break (read: 4 days).
+ Less than two months to graduation.

– Less than two months to graduation.
– Sometimes grown-ups are harder to deal with than high schoolers.
– A lot of my students are failing and okay with it.
– Its really dark in the morning.
– Because of student teaching, I don’t have time for all the photo gigs that I wish I had time for.

And a fun photo of a fun family from my church home in Durham some years ago. I took some pictures for Angie for her job website (which are coming to you soon, Angie, by the way!) What a fun (and sweet) family. I can’t believe how big the boys are…I babysat them when they were wee little things!

Such a great time catching up. Well, we’re over the hump of this week, hoping the next two days go by without any major glitches…I am so ready for the weekend and spring break!
Happy Wednesday.

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